Lithuanian Heritage and Culture

One might wonder, “Why is The American Legion Lithuanian Post 154 web page linking to a Lithuanian Heritage information page?” The answer is simple; our Lithuanian Heritage keeps Lithuanian Post 154 viable. Members of most other American Legion Posts typically live no more than a few miles away from their Post home. Their Post geographic location is usually the reason why they belong to that specific American Legion Post. This is not true for Lithuanian Post 154. Though Lithuanian Post 154 meets monthly at Lithuanian Hall in Baltimore City, its members live all over the United States.

Lithuanian Post 154 has 97 members and only 3 of them live within Lithuanian Hall's Baltimore City postal code. Nearly 90% of Lithuanian Post 154 members live outside of Baltimore City and 25% live outside of Maryland. It is not geography which binds us together; it is our Lithuanian Heritage. Most Lithuanian Post 154 members are of Lithuanian descent or are married to someone of Lithuanian descent. Most others are friends of Lithuanian Post 154 members or live in the Lithuanian Hall neighborhood.

The following Lithuanian Heritage and Culture internet information links should be of interest to Lithuanian Post 154 members of Lithuanian descent. 

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